Publication in The Copperfield Review!

The Copperfield Review published my short story, “The Lost Colony,” in the Fall 2012 issue of the online magazine. The short story is under the nonfiction page of the website as creative nonfiction. It can be viewed and read by following the link below.

The Copperfield Review is a literary acclaimed magazine. It has been praised by many magazines, including Writer’s DigestNovel and Short Story Writer’s Market, The Los Angeles Times, and Las Vegas Seven Magazine. The magazine has even won an award for Literary Excellence through the Books and Authors Award. I mean it when I say that I am honored to have one of my pieces selected by the editors for publication. I see this publication as a milestone and a validation of my skills.

I would like to thank all who continue to support me as I go through the most frustrating, infuriating, and wonderful journey of my life. The journey of a writer.

Katherine Givens


12 thoughts on “Publication in The Copperfield Review!”

  1. I read The Lost Colony on The Copperfield Review and I love it! Great writing:)
    Ever since I was young, the story of these people disappearing from Roanoke Island always intrigued me.
    I think its great that someone like you is writing historical fiction to put a voice to the tales we’ve heard as kids; the tales we’ve always loved.

  2. Katherine, congratulations. I sell used children’s books, and the books about colonies/colonists are popular, so I handle them often. I’ve wished many times that history had been able to give us the answers to the lost colony. Thank you for providing the link; I liked your emotional piece very much.

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