The Crystal Palace-Part 1

Let me begin this short story by thanking all who have continuously read my short stories. It means the world to see that so many are attracted to my literary feats. I hope I can continue to entertain you all, and welcomed newcomers, with my words! Secondly, let me say that  I am very excited for this short story. This project will certainly be one of interest. Enjoy…



September 7, 1851

A ridiculously fat man, who judging from his size could have been sired by whales, waddled after Little Albert.

“Thief! Thief! He stole my money!” shouted the fat gentleman, clad in an elaborate costume fit for a duke or a count.

Little Albert looked back at the gentleman huffing and puffing behind him. The boy stuck out his tongue.

The man gasped at the sign of disrespect. “Someone grab that hellion!”

Calling over his shoulder, the young boy said, “Ye dinna need the money. From the looks o’ ye’re fat arse, ye ha’e more o’ this,” Albert waved the satchel in his hands, “at ye’re ’ome in Mayfair!”

“Why you little runt!” heaved the fat man.

Little Albert’s predator was slowing. Soon the boy would be safe. Or perhaps this prediction was premature, for the fat man stopped when he spotted a constable. He abandoned his chase to get the authoritative figure.

The boy’s eyes rounded. He dodged into the nearest alley and ran through a zigzag of roads. He ran as far as his feet could carry him, until he thought himself safe in a park.

With a quick glance, Little Albert realized he was in Hyde Park. This was the territory of many a pickpocket. It was the prime place to nab a few coins from an unsuspecting dandy or a woman inclined to swooning.

Standing under the shade of a tree, he rested his weary legs. He shoved the satchel of coins into a baggy pocket smudged with dirt.

Even as he stretched his legs and relaxed, the boy was scanning the crowd for his next victim. Despite the prize he caught earlier, Little Albert was eager to pick a few more pockets before calling it a day. And Hyde Park was a wonderful location to hunt, especially with the large crowd swarming outside of the Crystal Palace.

The cast-iron and plate-glass building housed what was called the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations. The Great Exhibition was meant to showcase the technology, advancements, and achievements of countries from all over the world. The exhibits ranged from a demonstration that showed the incompetence of many popular locks of the day to a display of the world’s largest diamond to a display for reaping machine sent from the United States to an exhibit for the 1851 Colt Navy and other firearms. Since the display was held on British soil, it was more of a means to prove the superiority of Great Britain over all other nations.

Although Little Albert was a street urchin, he was literate. He had read many newspapers claiming that The Great Exhibition was one of the greatest wonders of modernity. Such claims had perked his curiosity. He longed to go inside, but there were pockets to be picked.

However, looking around, he spotted the constable the fat man had been conversing with before he ran off. If he were caught, he was certain he would have a cell in Newgate. Maybe it was high time he went inside the Crystal Palace to see what all of Europe and the world was raving about.


12 thoughts on “The Crystal Palace-Part 1”

  1. Wow i am so exited to read part 3 i guess i have to wait thank you so much for this great
    point of view a window i must say into 1851 wonderful world we need more of this
    The part in witch the boy shields himself from the hurtful words , this shows potential to ad an
    extension for he is a very strong will character that can succeed in that particular harsh times
    a long with his literate great job givens i must say ……Love the small comical jester as well

  2. Hi Katherine
    There was an assured, clear and consistent tone throughout this piece. The only stumbling block for me was the idea of this urchin being literate. Something about this niggled me. COuld we introduce why or how in a snapshot? To make it less of a quirk?
    Just a thought – others may disagree.

  3. Excellent! Short story. You embrace such a gracious talent of writing.

    Have you turned this into a short book yet?

    Incredible vision.


    By the way…I noticed you stopped by my blog. Did you find me by poetry updates?

    Did you read my poem? I need some feedback…so I was wondering if you can join my blog on some great conversations.

    ~Charlie Z

  4. The Crystal Palace is a wonderful subject, Katherine, with many possibilities. Albert, your little street urchin, is a nicely ambiguous viewpoint character; part villain; part object of sympathy. I’m as eager to see inside the huge iron and glass structure as he is!

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