Two More Publications!

* The first of the two publications includes three of my poems, “Mind Vs. Heart,” “Writer,” and “The Language of the Heart,”  in the October 2012 issue of Nazar Look. The magazine is very professional in look and the way it communicates with writers. I am proud to be a contributor for this magazine.

The magazine can be seen for free by following the link below. My three poems are on pages 24 and 25.

* My poem, “Emily’s Dying Embers,” will also be published in the October issue of Enhance. This poem is particularly special to me because it reflects a difficulty in the life of someone who is now estranged from me. A link will be provided to this magazine when it is released.



22 thoughts on “Two More Publications!”

    1. Thanks. Just to let you know, I posted the first part of a new short story. It is based in Victorian England, which was the winner of the poll.

  1. Katherine, I have just been looking at your two page spread in Nazar-Look. The magazine is all you say it is, and you look right at home there. Your poem, ‘The Language of the Heart’ rings true for me. I get the feeling that you too have encountered people who are not keen on seeing others do something worthwhile. You do not have to be in government to face the “politics of envy.”

    1. Thanks! My publication in Nazar Look is a particular favorite of mine. The poem “The Language of the Heart” was written a few years ago when my parents did not approve of my writing. Since then, I have changed their minds. Consider the poem as a message for anyone who may at one point doubt their dreams. Just keep moving forward and aim for what you want.

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