Here’s your chance to pick the historical setting for my next short story!

I was very thrilled with the feedback for “The Rise of an Empress.” Since it seems the readers appreciated the chance to choose the setting for this story and I enjoyed writing it, I have established another poll with the same purpose.

The same rules apply. This is your chance to vote for the historical setting of my next short story! This poll will close Sunday night and the first portion of the story will be posted on Monday. Choose wisely!


14 thoughts on “Here’s your chance to pick the historical setting for my next short story!”

    1. That would be an interesting feat. Since I do not know much about that era of Jerusalem’s history, it would require a lot of research. Maybe I’ll include it in the next poll…

    1. My wheels were spinning, too. That setting has a lot of potential, but I have to write for what was chosen. In this case, Victorian England. I am bound to include this option in the next poll.

    1. Maybe you should have put the Twilight Zone in your poll. Really liked the end of your story. You must do so much research to take your reader back in time.

    2. I certainly do a lot of research! I am very meticulous when it comes to historical accuracy. Every detail must be correct, right down to what the characters are wearing or sitting on.

  1. This is so cool. That was a hard choice. Can’t wait to see where you take me next. Ill be watching on Monday:)
    Have a wonderful weekend Katherine.

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