Feeling On Top

I completed my query letters on Friday night. The letters were sent out Saturday afternoon. Although I have yet to receive a response, my nerves have calmed. For the past day, I have been strutting about my house as if I am a peacock with hundreds of beautiful feathers to display. My confidence has me believing I am top dog.

However, I am not delusional. I know that out of the twelve letters I sent to literary agents, over half will reject me. Looking back at my novel, I am certain I should receive a few offers. If not, I will sniff around elsewhere for an agent.

Every writer experiences self-doubt. The case I experienced a few days ago was rather staggering, but not fatal. If one keeps pushing forward and refuses to teeter, good things will come.

I shall keep you all updated on this process as it moves forward. Until then, thank you for your support! I know I do not know most of you personally, but it is encouraging to see that people come together when they see one is a little weak.



18 thoughts on “Feeling On Top”

    1. Rejection is part of being a writer, and I accepted that a long time ago. All I can do is keep trying, which I also accepted at a very young age. Maybe you should try to improve upon your own novel and send query letters to different agents. Revision is often key. Good luck. 🙂

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