The Time Has Come

Last night I finished editing my novel Amunet: The Hidden One. This project is dear to my heart, not only because it is based in my favorite era in history, but because this is an idea I had since I was twelve.

At twelve, I wrote a play titled Aisha’s Journey. At thirteen, I wrote a sequel. At fourteen, I decided to rewrite the play into a novel. At fifteen, I scrapped my first manuscript and started over. At sixteen, I scrapped my second manuscript and began another.

The third time was a charm. I renamed the heroine from Aisha to Amunet, which is crucial to the moral of the novel. The plot received a complete makeover, becoming a mystery, historical, and romance all wrapped into one. Over a period of two years, I continued to work on this revamped idea. The two years includes the writing and meticulous editing.

It is now complete and satisfies my high standards, but the journey has just begun. Although a finished product, it is time to search for a literary agent. With this being my first novel, I am nervous about what is to come.

For the past week, I have been nervous about how I am to compose the query letter. Using certain books as a tool, I am certain I can write the letter. For goodness sakes, I am a writer! I think I can pen down a letter. The problem is, will the letter I write sell my novel? Will it convince an agent to take me under their wing? Will it be the beginning of a lifelong yearning coming to fruition or will it be the crumpling of a passionate dream?

Tonight, I write the letter. Tomorrow, I send it. What is to come is uncertain. I just hope that God hears the longing whispers of my soul, the constant prayers I send asking for support. As the song from Moulin Rouge! goes, “Come what may.”


34 thoughts on “The Time Has Come”

  1. Congratulations Katherine finishing a novel is a tremendos accomplishment. And all the best for a great response from the Agents you have chosen to query. May they ALL want your book! That said, remember that rejection is a big part of the Writer’s life and is simply part and parcel of the journey. Don’t let any rejection hurt your feelings or depress you. Just send out another query and keep on keeping on. All the best! Elizabeth

  2. You were working with full energy, don’t doubt in your abilities. This is something that you really want and you do the best. You have been interested in it since you were a child. Even if the query letter doesn’t work out, don’t be dissaponted and pursue your dream addressing other people who will truly appreciate your work. Good luck!

    1. I’ve already composed a list of literary agents. I need to write the letter and send it. I just have a little doubt, but I will not let it stand in my way. Like you said, I really do want this. Thank you for the support. I needed to hear that. 🙂

    1. It is never for naught. You learned many things by doing it! It’s an amazing experience just to write a novel. I have one unpublished children’s novel, and it seemed like the characters came alive and wrote their own dialogue.

    2. My reply didn’t show up in my notifications, so I’ll encourage you one more time that completing ANYTHING, especially something as great as a novel, is NEVER for naught!

  3. Think positive. And consider self-publishing. These days it is a very viable option. And there are a lot of very good editors you can work with.

  4. Congratulations on finishing your novel! I too am in a similar position, having recently finished my epic fantasy novel. Sending out queries is quite a daunting experience, and you can do nothing but believe in your work and hope that your query stands out above other letters and sparks an interest in the agent or publisher. Good luck to you in your journey!

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