Guardian Angel-Part 1

The Duke of Franconia never failed to throw a lavish and entertaining feast. The squires of the kitchen ran from table to table serving the Duke’s guests. The squires served jellied pheasants and peacocks from plates of silver and gold. The male guests clinked their cups of ale as a sign of fellowship. The ladies chattered away about the latest fashions. Troubadours sang wistful love songs with the accompaniment of musicians. Jugglers entertained children with their expertise and skill.

The dining hall was filled with an infectious merriment, but there was one particular person who remained immune. The Duke’s eldest daughter could not feign joy if her life depended on it. Her heart was weighted down by a stone after being rejected by a lord she had admired for years. Before the feast, she had professed her devotion to the worthless soul. He mocked her and called her a lovesick child.

Seated right beneath the Great Table, she could see him laughing and jeering with a few brawny comrades. The constant staring and pointing in her direction made it plain that they were discussing her. Anne was mortified. If only she could retreat to her room and bury her face into her pillow.

To focus her mind on something else, she scanned the hall once more. The happiness she saw seemed to mock her. The smiles and laughter could not pierce her heart. The children’s fascination with the jugglers only made her want their ignorant bliss. The songs of the troubadours reflected her forlorn.

Nothing could distract her…except for the dark figure that stood separated from the rest. The figure wore a black cloak, hovering in a shadowed corner. The phantom-like being went unnoticed by her father’s guests. The only person who took note of the presence was Anne. Her curiosity was further perked when the figure motioned in her direction and retreated into an abandoned hall.


14 thoughts on “Guardian Angel-Part 1”

  1. There are so many simple pleasures that life can offer, my pleasures are simple and will probably bore most people…For example, the Sunset at the end of a day after a long contemplation while sitting on a rock by a beach can be mesmerizing as it continues to evolve. I love going to natural landscapes sites and have volunteered on Mayan digs more than once with a group that meets every year, composed of archaeologists, anthropologists and curators from museums not only from Mexico but also from other countries.

  2. Very nicely done. I can see that this would be best presented done as a theatrical peice…perhaps spoken word. That was actually how I instinctivelly read it myself. looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. Hello Katherine, thank you for liking my blog! I also love to write medieval short stories and (attempts at) novels. This short story opening has me eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

    1. Medieval history is interesting. I only dabble in it because there are other historic periods I also admire. When I create something new and I look for a setting, it depends on which period of history I wish I was a part of at that very moment.

  4. Hi Katherine! Thank you for dropping by at my blog. I’m glad that we shared same passion in poetry. Good luck on your novels and poems. I do hope you’ll get a big break in the future. Like you, I too once dreamt to have my poems published.

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