Talk About A Let Down

I was suppose to go to a poetry reading on Friday. It was meant to be my first, but I was unable to go. Instead of uttering words that I had poured my soul into, I was forced to work late. This caused me to miss my reading. So those butterflies that I had mentioned in my previous post turned to ash. My jitters turned to bitter disappointment. My anxiety melted away into monotony as I typed before a computer screen well into the night. I do not mean to sound over dramatic, but my life felt like a scene from a novel at that exact point in time. As I type these words, I feel a tinge of sadness coming on, but I will hopefully be given the chance to read my poetry before an audience some other time. Friday was just not that intended day.


5 thoughts on “Talk About A Let Down”

  1. That is beyond annoying. Best thing to do is use the dissapointment in a poem or, as you said, into a novel. Plus when you do the reading it’ll be even more special

  2. Katherine, you chance at that poetry reading will soon be yours to embrace. And I am sure it will be a success. And thanks for stopping by my blog and the like. I am now follwing your blog. Stop by again.

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