Couldn’t Beat Howard-Part 1

The moment had finally come. It had been ten years since I began this expedition and now the crowning achievement of my career was to be realized. I  could hardly wait as the pot-bellied Arab hammered at the seal of the tomb.

One crack appeared and then another. The man’s fat hand twisted and turned the chisel, muttering curses under his breath. With one defining whack, he broke the seal. The slab was heaved away.

Air that had not been tainted by the outside for nearly three millenniums slowly seeped out. I pushed aside these men and placed one foot into the tomb. I gagged at the musty air and held a cloth to my mouth.

The Arab who had broken the seal handed me a light. After thanking him for his dedication, I ventured further into the tomb’s first room. Empty. I studied the walls of the tomb. They were not decorated. There were no other slabs or seals leading to deeper parts of the tomb.

What treachery was this? Where was Akhenaten’s tomb? And what had I stumbled upon?
By Katherine Givens


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