First Poetry Reading

My first poetry reading is tonight! There are butterflies in my stomach, but I am relishing my anxious nerves. I intend to enjoy every second of stage jitters and to inscribe every moment of my performance in my memory. A writer’s first poetry reading only happens once, so all my practicing had better pay off! I will give details about it tomorrow, that is for sure. Wish me luck!



11 thoughts on “First Poetry Reading”

  1. Thanks much for visiting my site. Here’s a poem for you. Vietnam inspired:

    A Soldiers Prayer

    Morning sun through canopy blooming

    The sounds of death ever closer looming

    The stains of blood

    My dear friends defiled

    Oh Lord, please grant us a little while

    The enemy skull, death’s rictus grinning

    Give lie to the murky goal of winning

  2. Wishing you the best. There is no more gratifying feeling that expressing yourself in front of people who will receive your energy and words and carry it with them after it’s over.

    I am a spoken word artist. The first time I performed was in May 2011. I was a nerve-wreck. I’m also a dancer, and have done some acting, so the stage was nothing new to me (although it had been over 12 years since I actually set foot on one). But I had never spoken from my soul, and my poetery is just that, my heart and soul in exposure. It is such a liberating feeling, especially when the audience receives it well and shows tremendous love.

    You will do absolutely great! It truly is a rewarding feeling. Enjoy every second and try to get a video recording.

    Love & Light,

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