Always Waiting

I have several magazine submissions circulating. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of my poems are waiting for some form of acknowledgement, whether it is rejection or acceptance. I keep thinking to myself, I have over a hundred poems, several short stories, and a few one act plays waiting for responses from editors. Why am I waiting so long?

The answer lies in the response time. One might have to wait a few days for an ezine or an online journal to reply. One might have to wait a few months for a print journal or an online journal. Sometimes one might have to wait for a reply for over a year!

There are many virtues a writer must have. Perserverence. Determination. Passion. I have all those. The one I lack is patience. I am certain there are other writers in the same boat as me. One way to produce a defense mechanism against this lack of patience is to always look forward to a reply. When opening a letter or an email from an editor, one must be bubbling with anticipation and enthusiasm rather than the disdain of having to wait so long.


6 thoughts on “Always Waiting”

  1. You have a rare and magical gift, that obviously comes from a special place. When I read your prose my default autopilot reading mode goes off and I feel each and every word. I have only been writing for a little over a month, and sent off my first hatched poem to the Poetry Magazine review limbo. I miss my baby chick and long to have it back. I am looking forward to reading more of your work, especially your big projects.

    1. Good luck with getting published with Poetry Magazine. I have considered submitting there, but have not gotten around to it. It feels good to have my talent acknowledged with such endearing words. It reminds me that this belief I am a great writer is not a dillusion. As to my bigger projects, they are in the works.

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