The Power of Determination

What I have learned in the past few months is that determination can overcome any obstacles. As a writer, I doubted my abilities to have anything published. But a little motivation from a public speaking class and a nagging voice inside my mind forced me to push past the self-doubt. I put my work out there, created a blog, and built a small social media platform. It is paying off. The material compensations are small but the emotional rewards are the best. I can truthfully say that I know what pure happiness is. All this happened because I found the determination to move past my greatest obstacle: me.

Anyone who has a goal can achieve it. All it takes is determination to remove any obstacles and the determination to continue through any hardships that life throws at you. Just keep fighting for the one goal that you see waiting for you over the horizon. Mine is to be a novelist. What is yours? Whatever it may be, let us hope that we both can reach for the stars.




5 thoughts on “The Power of Determination”

  1. Indeed, the power of determination is immense. But for this to happen, one ought to have sincerity of purpose and conviction to fructify the effort one puts to a job in hand.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Kindly keep keeping us posted about your new creations.

  2. A lovely little post, Katherine. I can understand you when you say that your biggest obstacle was yourself, because I think most of us experience this. A little self-doubt can be a good thing – it prevents us becoming egomaniacs – but it can also be destructive. You need to learn when it is wise to doubt yourself, and when you need to put your doubts to one side.

    Here’s hoping that you continue to grow and progress, and achieve your ambitions.

  3. That inspires me a lot Ms. Katherine. I am planning to write my very first book. I always believe that for us to get what we wanted in life, we need to have a determination…:)

  4. Lovely sentiments Katherine. I’ve been keeping an eye on your progress from the onset. Your success is an inspiration to us all, especially those who aspire to reach out and touch the reading public.

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