It seems like an eternity has gone by since I last posted on my blog! Let me begin by apologizing for my slip up. However, this is something that will be happening more often. As much as I would love to stay behind my computer screen and write new posts, reality calls. Especially when your life is as goal-oriented as mine. Essentially, I am trying to apologize for many short and long absences that are to come. So, what will be keeping me from my blog? Here’s a list:

1. My college classes. I am taking five summer courses and the work piles up quickly!

2. I am working three part-time jobs to save for the university I plan on transferring to. There is my work at the local library, a job selling shoes, and my cleaning job. Also, since I am getting paid a little for my writing, that could count as another job.

3. My writing! I am constantly writing and submitting poetry! I am also writing articles for the Yahoo Contributor Network. Lastly, I hope to have this pesky novel edited by the end of the year so I can find a literary agent!

I have so many things to do that it is tiring me out. Essentially, I am apologizing for many short and long absences to come. But do not despair! I am as loyal as a puppy. I will always return to this blog every few days to create posts. Thanks for understanding!

Katherine Givens


8 thoughts on “Fatigue”

  1. Hi Katherine, I know of which you speak. I encourage you to put more time into your Kindle writings. You are on the right track there. Your books will bring you in more $$$ so you can quit your other jobs. Let me know if you need assistance. 🙂

    1. I think I want to give the traditional publishing a go before I settle on putting anymore time into the Kindle. What I have available is all I plan on Kindle is all I plan on providing through that particular medium. At least, that is all I can foresee for the near future. Thanks for the offer. If I change my mind, I know who to run to for help. 🙂

    1. Lol. Thanks. My age is young, but I don’t feel young. Maybe it is because I am a walking zombie due to everything I do. I would cut things out of my schedule, but I love my life the way it is.

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