I never really considered becoming one of those self-published authors. The traditional publishing route has always been my aim. And it STILL is. I guess I have just always wanted the acknowledgement of an editor or a publisher. If someone else looked at my work and saw the worth in it, then my dreams would come true. And I STILL think that way.

However, someone commented on this blog a few days ago about publishing through Kindle. Like I did to my aunt when she suggested Reader’s Digest, I blew it off. I said I wanted to give the traditional publishing a shot. To tell the truth, the traditional route is the route I favor most. It is where I want my career to lead, but I have decided to go with self-publishing for a little while. Through this, I can sharpen my skills, see if my work is marketable, and boost my ego up a little. That is why I published a short piece through Kindle. It is titled Curiosity: A Short Story.

Even though I am very much interested in the traditional publishing industry and will never quit that path, I will be doing some self-publishing for a while to add to my list of credentials. Perhaps this is a possible option for other writers out there…


4 thoughts on “Self-Publishing”

  1. There are pros and cons to each. After researching for about four years while I wrote, I decided to self-publish. For me, it seems to be the right option. I do follow authors like Konrath who give a very good argument FOR S.P. however, it was easier for him as he already had a career as a traditionally published author. If I were you I’d read as much industry news as possible. There is a LOT going on, a lot of changes and a lot of news / info that is important to an author no matter how they publish.

    If you’re in this for the money… it’s the wrong field all together. If you’re in this because of your love for literature, writing and reaching an audience, then by all means proceed. My third self-pubbed book was just made available and I’m nearing completion of a fourth.

    Good luck. I hope you achieve your goals.

  2. My first book is coming out soon – I have the galley in my hands – and I have self-published this one. I thought it was the best option to get my foot in the door and (hopefully) build sales before I try the Big Leagues! I hope your story does well – it is so encouraging and gratifying when someone else likes your words, isn’t it? I wish you all the best!

  3. I think every self-published author dreams of being traditionally-published, but self-publishing allows you to build an audience and give you a taste of what it’s like to be published… and you never know, an agent might notice your book eventually and decide they want to represent you. =]

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