Historic Fiction

Historic fiction is a genre that allows its readers to travel back in time. By flipping through the pages of one of these books, civilizations and societies differing from the modern world can be unlocked. One can read about an Aztec woman’s journey to save her son from a ritual sacrifice. One can read about an Egyptian trying to uncover the murder of her father only to find that the pharaoh is somehow connected. One can read about an orphan boy struggling to live on the streets of London. The possibilities for this genre are endless because history is the story of humanity. History is the greatest story ever told.

Perhaps that is why I am attracted to this genre. I am able to write mysteries, paranormal fiction, and fantasies. Yet, my greatest love is, you guessed it, historic fiction! Most of my ideas for a storyline always come from some dead civilization that can only be revived with my pen. Looking back on all my past manuscripts, I would estimate that 90 percent of everything I have written is historical.

And how about the other writers out there? Or the fellow book lovers? Who can deny that history has a certain magic etched in its subject matter. It is a tale of what we once were and an indicator of where we are heading. No wonder so many writers, myself included, are inspired by this genre.


4 thoughts on “Historic Fiction”

  1. I think one of the appeal so historical fiction, which it shares with sci-fi/fantasy, is that it gives you a chance to compare the world you know to another. One issue is WHAT about the past you want to bring into your fiction. Famous people or events, odd customs, situations that simply could not occur today, all these are available to you. Even just the feeling of antiquity is something of worth, particularly for emotional effect in a short story.

    1. As I always say, the history of humanity is the greatest story ever told. Within our history are many smaller tales and stories. As a historic fiction writer, all you have to do is choose what is most appealing. Whether it is, as you say, famous people or events, odd customs, or situations uncommon in the modern era. It is entertaining to explore societies and civilizations that differ from our own, but consisted of people just like you and me. Their surroundings, customs, society, and other factors might have been different from today’s, but their emotions, goals, dreams, and ambitions could be similar to the people of today.

  2. I can’t say about writing historic fiction, but I do love reading it. It gives you this sense of adventure that is very entertaining, as well as inspiring considering the life we live now, and the life they lived then. A disease killing off an entire tribe a century ago, can be cured now with a few pills, so reading the struggles of a woman saving her son from that disease can be powerful stuff.

  3. I’ve always been a writer but never one of any finished works or projects. Ideas, stories, characters, poetry. I’m finally inspired to write something substantial, and it is historical fiction. I was moved by many novels, which surprised me because I have always been very bad and uninterested in History. I do love cultures and language though, and they come hand in hand. I know it might have been easier to pursue my love of fantasy or fiction for my first attempt at writing something at length, but I feel compelled and captivated by the subject and time frame, even if I have trouble remembering facts. It is a lot of hard work, to get through all of the research to make all the details accurate. It is unlike other genres in that way.

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